Data Center Planning

Data center planning incorporates much more than just servers, racks, and workstations. Frequently, critical areas are overlooked, such as, Environmental Control, Battery Backup and Electrical Power requirements. These are just as important in the planning process as the IT infrastructure.


Digital Surveillance


Implementing a surveillance monitoring room and system infrastructure can be a complex and expensive project. Comfort Consulting can facilitate a smooth transition from legacy video implementations, to state-of-the-art digital surveillance technologies at a fraction of the cost of what is typical in most installations currently in the market.

Network Analysis

Networks often experience problems that slow or even stop business productivity. Primary causes of this can include the addition of new technologies, configuration changes, environmental changes, end user accidents and security threats both internal and external. A comprehensive analysis of network traffic can quickly reveal problems occuring on a network and give the analyst the ability to implement an effective remedial strategy. Comfort Consulting can diagnose network problems, provide recommendations and implement remedial solutions, and get your business back up and running in a timely manner.

Network Design


Networks that are properly engineered provide predictable results during normal function and in the event of a system failure. A network should function as designed by providing the performance and resiliency needed for your business. During equipment failures, the engineered network will fallback in predictable ways as designed and will speed the process in resolving the problem and bringing your business back to a normal state of operation.

Combining security with simplicity can be a challenging task in any IT environment. Comfort Consulting has the experience and problem solving skills necessary to mitigate this paradox.